IRCIRAN Congress

4th International Congress on Reproduction

25th – 27th Aprill 2018

Chairman message

The 4th International Congress on Reproduction

Using modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment of medical problems including infertility has opened a new horizon in front of modern humans and raised hope and quality of life. Although any scientific development increase human potential and power to meet his problems, it brings about various challenges related to the consequences of applying new technologies. Accurate identifying of the problems and related solutions needs a comprehensive campaign by the intellectuals and experts to consider the reproductive issues from the clinical, empirical and ethical perspectives and lay a ground for adjustment of questions and challenges.

The Iranian Society for Embryology and Reproductive Biology has the privilege to organize the “4th Congress on Reproduction”. It is our proud that “annually” pull together the players of reproduction and fertility field to introduce the most cutting edge medical achievements and provide the foundation for exchange of scientific knowledge and multidisciplinary cooperation. Focusing on current problems including Endometriosis, PCOs, recurrent miscarriage, animal related cloning, biomarkers in reproductive health, new technologies in embryology and donation related challenges is a base for participation of scientists, local and abroad, to exchange their knowledge and experience in various fields of reproduction and is a hope for multidisciplinary projects to diagnose and treat infertility.

Holding pre-congress workshops including telesurgery by Dr. Shaheen Khazali, one of the best endometriosis surgeon specialists from the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, and other international training programs will lay the ground for discussion on issues not introduced during the congress and exchange of scientific views among the participants. In addition, PhD students of reproductive sciences programs will discuss on the present problems and barriers on the progress of this field specially obtaining license required for specific activities from the related authorities.

The society managed to hold a national and international congress with the cooperation of other Iranian organizations like Iranian Society for Reproductive Medicine. Although it took a long time to make the final decision, but for the first time in country, the society accomplished to hold a joint congress by the society and Iran University of Medical Sciences for two successive years. This year the Congress on Reproduction and Congress of Reproductive Health and Childbearing will be held jointly.

Meanwhile, on the seventh anniversary of its establishment and completion of its board of directors in the second period, the society seeks to settle its election electronically under the supervision of Ministry of Health during the congress. We hope to witness a collective participation to elect an active and powerful board of directors.

Beside the congress, ISERB Award of Excellence in Reproduction to introduce pioneers and prominent features, thesis and articles in reproduction and TAKTA Festival to present photos, posters and cartoons about reproduction will be held.

Also, campaign on protecting infertile couples will be held with the cooperation of all fertility centers and non-governmental organizations during the congress. With collaboration of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and other audio recording and informative media various dimensions of infertility diagnosis and treatment will be introduced that provides free counseling to infertile couples concerning about their problem. Beside the exhibition of reproduction related drugs and equipment, it has been arranged to present fertility centers interested to be introduced.

It hopes your support and enthusiastic participation contributed greatly in making the event a success.

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi

Congress chairman


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